10 Steps to Take when It Feels like Universe is Working Against You


There are times when no matter how much we try, we feel that the universe is working against us. It seems like the goal we are trying to reach is pushing further away from us. This often makes you feel hopeless, and you could end up having depression. You get this urge to be rescued from your own life, but do you know what’s lacking? It is the fact that you are not taking full responsibility. You must accept all the choices you made and then decide if you want to bring changes or not. These steps might help you figure out how to take control.


Start fresh

Feels like Universe is Working Against You

Every moment is an opportunity for you to start new with a different set of mind. So, take a deep breath and believe that it is all in your head. There is nothing sillier than having a superstition that God or Universe is against you. Maybe, the time wants you to hold your ground and learn a lesson, which is why it is difficult.

Know what you want. You are always pretty sure what decision you want to take, deep inside your heart. Believe in your gut feelings and stick with it. Fight for what you want as it is your life and nobody else’s. Write about all the things you want


Have enthusiasm

There are a million things to do in this world, and you must be enthusiastic about it. Have gratitude that what you have in your life is amazing and do all that which can make you happy. I know there are responsibilities, but there must always be a time when you can find a way to enjoy still being you.

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Keep saying “Yes.”

10 Steps to Take when It Feels like Universe is Working Against You

Instead of not going by what life throws at you, you must face the obstacles head on. Don’t fear that you won’t be able to complete that task. I am not saying that you should sacrifice your own desires, but you must acknowledge giving it all a try.


Don’t complain

Stop cribbing about all the misfortunes that have come over you as it will only magnify your already existing problems. Complaining only exaggerates the problems and could even make them bigger. We should have a discipline that we don’t choose to have expectations that cannot be achieved by someone else until and unless they want to.

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Have Kindness

10 Steps to Take when It Feels like Universe is Working Against You

When we cannot figure our life or when we are unable to get it back together, we shouldn’t be mean to ourselves or others and should have enough patience. You can encourage yourself to be kind and true to yourself. You must support all your decisions and stand up for them.


We are supported

When we think to ourselves that we are not loved or supported, that’s the most foolish we can make of ourselves. If we can get a shoulder to cry on during our tough times, be it, friends or family, it is sufficient to know that you are not alone in this world. People are there to take care of you.

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Live in the Present

10 Steps to Take when It Feels like Universe is Working Against You

Don’t worry about what future is holding for you, but worry what your present is and how to handle it effectively. Be practical with your approach and use your brains to know what to do and what not to do. Also, make peace with your past and don’t let it affect your present as it will only ruin your state of mind.


Be responsible

You are only responsible for the life you are leading, so better not blame anyone else for it. Compassion and kindness must be brought into our current living situations. We might not always be able to take care of what is happening to us, but we can still hold ourselves together.

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Truth can be painful

Either you believe it or not, it could be hard to assure oneself that truth can be quite uncomfortable, but yet you need to face it. You can improve your life by changing your life situations if you know they need to be changed.

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