13 Fun Things to Do by Yourself


Having fun with someone is quite normal, and people are often afraid of making an attempt to entertain themselves.

‘It’s better in the company,’ some will say, and many will nod to this. We live in a world in which to be alone – either in terms of singles or sitting alone in coffee is considered bad and we may be treated like losers.

It’s actually a pretty wrong perception because a man same as women should sometimes be alone with themselves and their thoughts. Among other things, we can have fun ourselves.


Go to a restaurant

Fun Things to Do

You have all the places in the city to make a choice, you don’t have to agree with anyone, so go to that Indian food restaurant that you have wanted to visit so much and which didn’t get attention to your friends. Yes, you will eat alone, but you will realize that it is not so bad.


Visit the cinema and watch what you want

You no longer have to postpone going to see that comedy of silly jokes that everyone criticizes. Now you can go without anyone judging you. Don’t give explanations, just go, and take some popcorn and a large soda and cry of laughter with that nonsense.

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Eat a great dessert

Fun Things to Do by Yourself

If you feel like a banana split, go for it, eat the dessert you want, when you want and how you want. You can leave – nothing because you don’t have anyone in front to bothers you.


Visit a bar and flirt

If you’ve always wanted to sit at a bar and get to talk to the bartender or barmaid, this is your moment. Okay, you don’t have to flirt, but you can make friends with the bartender/barmaid.

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Go jogging

Fun Things to Do by Yourself

You can go out at your own pace, sweat how much you want and return when you feel you are going to faint. You don’t have to worry about answering to anyone.


Go to an exhibition

If you have always wanted to go to a show that is in the city, but your friends look at you badly, this is the moment. It’s like going to the movies to see a movie that nobody wants to see. Cheer up!

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Make some selfies

Fun Things to Do

You criticize people taking selfies, but maybe you can take your cell phone and do tests to see your best angle or to laugh at the ridiculous faces you can do.


Traveling – why not?

You can go sightseeing to places you would never visit with your friends or a couple. Moreover, you do not have to get anyone to agree to visit the places you want to visit.

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Go for a walk

Fun Things to Do by Yourself

Go out, walk the streets, get out a little and get out of the routine. Enjoy landscapes, streets, and places that, in general, you don’t notice when you have to reach a place.


Read some book in the park

Carry a good book and sit on the grass or on a chair that is comfortable. It doesn’t matter if you don’t concentrate, the idea is that it’s a plan for you to live the experience.

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Learn to play an instrument

You don’t even need to call an instructor, find online tutorials, and set a challenging goal.



Fun Things to Do by Yourself

Depending on your personal preferences, find an association that stands for the same goals as you. Become part of their team and create beautiful and positive stories together.



Express your thoughts and feelings. Alone, without other people. Turn them into a blog, write a novel, or just keep your own diary.

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