5 Uncommon Ways To Make Yourself Work When You Dont Want To


Some of us love our jobs while some of us hate it. At times, we love it for the environment in our office and other times we hate it because we are not doing what we love.

Whatever be the case, there are days when we are bored of doing our regular job and need a break from the “work-eat-sleep” kind of schedule. Well, you are not an adventurous task like Superman has to save people, plus keep flying, so it is obvious that our work gets irksome and tedious.

It’ not your fault, it’s how life rules out for most of us. Are you not returning your client’s phone call anymore and sleeping on your desk, instead?

Here are tips how to make yourself work, when you know, you could rather go paragliding in your imagination.


Just Do It

How To Make Yourself Work When You Don't Want To

Nike has been advising you since ages. When you are “not in a mood”, you got to ignore your “sensitive” feelings and Just Do It, pal. I know it is pretty obvious, but it is the only motto that can make you go on a run when you don’t want to because it is what you need to get done. Life is not always about what you “feel” like doing. Cut It Out! Don’t look for motivation by sitting idly but by starting with a baby step.


Are you afraid of failure?

Sometimes, we are too afraid to start over as we have confirmed in our heads that we are going to fail. But you must remind yourself about the accomplishment. What if you stay motivated and then succeed? Think about the pay raise or your dream getting fulfilled, right? What is better than that? If you work out regularly, you are going to look amazing, and everyone will be all-praise for you. Don’t you want that? Life doesn’t stay monotonous if you keep challenging yourself and that is what you should do.

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Is the task Boring, Repetitive or Unpleasant?

How To Make Yourself Work When You Don't Want To

Stop Procrastinating. Why take so much stress or guilt of not doing the task for long? Our minds always seek one way or another to delay or not do something “particular” which we don’t like. For example, washing the dishes or your bathtub. You say to yourself, “I’ll do it tomorrow, and for today, I’ll use paper plates.” Well, guess what, you would have done it already if you didn’t provide yourself with the option of “paper plates.” Thus, don’t keep yourself up with choices.


Do it With Friends

Remember how you prepared for your calculus exam in college when you couldn’t do it yourself? Yes, friends can help you when you cannot do it alone. You can join the gym with them, or you could join diet groups so all of you together can shed that weight from your belly, right? If you can manage to find some friends to do that “tough” task with you, it would be lovely!

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Stop Waiting Until You Have “Enough” Information

How To Make Yourself Work When You Don't Want To

You are never going to have enough information, to begin with. It is better to keep looking while you are at it. For example, if you already have good knowledge of politics, you can start with the book already and then make notes, along with it, to make changes into your book. It is better to have “time” limitations and not to wait until you binge on excessive data and then begin. Take the first step already.


Bribe Yourself

When you show yourself the reward you will get the achievement; it will be easier for you to stay motivated. No, it is not illegal, alright? Unless the task is to steal from someone, which I do not support, by the way. There are different apps like Pact and 21Habit, which help you in bribing yourself and is fit for random activities like automating your finances or counting your progress.

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Baby Steps

How To Make Yourself Work When You Don't Want To

If you take a first baby step, it would be better. As you might have heard, “Well begun is half done.”Do not beat yourself up that you are not doing it. It is better to stay away from guilt by pushing yourself towards your goal. But, if by any chance, you cannot force yourself to it, which is alright too. It must be troubling for you and causing you the pain of some kind to be that difficult. Sometimes, it is okay to let yourself loose and accept that there are some things that you just cannot do. Not your fault, Matey!

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