How to Become the Best at What You Do


There is always a crazy inner voice in my head, always telling me how bad I am at something, basically, at anything that I do. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who it happens with. We are perfectionists. When we pick a career, we want to be best at it (even though there would be many people in the world who would be far better than us in whatever we do), at least we want to put our best efforts and shine. There are obstacles in our journey and one of the biggest might be heavy competition. After all, where do you stand a chance when millions of others are doing the same thing as you do?

But this thought must not stop you from trying to improve yourself and being the best at whatever your goal is. You want people to approach you or appreciate your work. So, how would you not be mediocre?


Start with a baby step

Know that you aren’t perfect and you have just begun. Then, you won’t lose hope and would know that there are a lot of opportunities waiting at your door. Every morning is a new beginning. Even when you feel you are not good at something, but you still like doing it, then be consistent. Don’t give up only because you are not receiving the results that you want. You must be humble to begin as amateurs and one day, you will wake up and find yourself far from where you just began.


Get an education in that area.

You might have been born with the so-called natural skills but you still need good coaching to be best at it. Get a mentor and become serious about what you do and where you want to see yourself. If you end up wasting your days, working hard only in a figment of your imagination, you will never be able to succeed. I want to write a novel, but I have no idea where to begin, but when I interact with fellow writers I get a hint of how to begin and in the process, I learn.

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Don’t live by the Rules

Rules have been built by society to distract you or maybe they were those areas where you could have been successful if you were born in 1800, eh? Did you become an engineer only because all your elder siblings picked up engineering and got a mediocre job and a mediocre life? Well, if you don’t take a risk and merely follow the footsteps, you might not be able to enhance your skill. Many people have claimed that others always thought their ideas to be “crazy” and later on, these very ideas turned out to be a hit. Thus, create your own game of life and go where your heart takes you.


Be consistent

Like I said before, nobody becomes famous in one day. It is a combination of years of hard work and sincerity that lead them to their success. You need to have patience but if you lack it, you might not be able to reach anywhere near your goal. Practice makes a man perfect, didn’t you know? Thus, even if you think that you are pretty bad at what you are doing, it’s best to keep doing it and learning more about it. If you want to make it happen, you will have the passion which would lead you to it.

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Experience is crucial.

With consistency, comes a lot of experience and it makes people reach greater heights. Experience teaches you how to improve your areas. The experience involves a lot of mistakes and you move forward learning from them. Apply the knowledge that you gain from it, on a regular basis.


Schedule your life.

The routine might be boring, but you must spare out a particular time of the day to work on your performance. Moreover, you need to indulge in more things that could help you be best at what you do. Every minute counts when you want to accomplish something. But don’t stop living your life. It is when you are distracted from your goal that real ideas come to you.

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Embrace all your fears.

Insecurities and fears are the worst things that can happen to us. Not only do they depress us, but they also let us believe that we won’t be able to do anything in life. It is true that everyone has a fear, but how you deal with it, is what matters. If you are scared of heights, you must go bungee-jumping (don’t jump off a building without a parachute though) as that’s how you are going to risk everything and win over your fears.

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