How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work


Long-distance love and relationship can become one of the most difficult and complicated experiences if it fails to find the right formula to cope. The kilometers become the worst enemy of a multitude of couples in all parts of the world.  But, what many don’t know is that distance love is possible and can help us to realize if the person who is on our side is indicated, or not.

Sometimes meeting another person in the distance allows us to enjoy aspects of the relationship that we would not value so much if we had it more often on our side. As bad as separated lovers maybe, distance helps to build confidence. To enjoy long conversations over the phone, and help increase wit, the desire to surprise the other person the moment you meet again.

Since we cannot make the kilometers between the two disappear, why don’t we try to find solutions that make the relationship more bearable?

long distance relationship


Undoubtedly, this is the primary aspect of a relationship at a distance. You have to trust your partner fully and don’t hesitate to speak for two reasons. The first of them is that you will go crazy if you continuously think that your partner deceives you. Or that haven’t told you the whole truth. Because you cannot be there to verify with your own eyes what he has said. And the second is that as a result of these mistrust, a problem of jealousy may arise, which, if aggravated, will undoubtedly end the relationship.



It seems silly, but even though many kilometers are separating you, it is fundamental that each of you has his personal space. This means that you have to let your boy/girl to enjoy his leisure moments without bothering him/her. That is to say, if you spend three days without talking to him/her because he has gone on a trip with his group of friends, nothing happens. Don’t bother your partner with calls or messages and, above all, don’t reproach him that he is ‘passing from you.’ Everyone needs those moments of total disconnection.

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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

Communication is a fundamental aspect of any relationship. They say that if a couple doesn’t work in bed, their relationship will not go very far. However, this equation cannot be applied to distance relationships, where meetings are very scarce.

For this reason, daily communication is fundamental. Currently, new technologies make it very easy. Those days of looking at the mailbox and waiting for the letter of your boy/girl are distant past. Now you can talk to him/her every moment. And you can even see each other through the computer screen.



A relationship at a distance involves many more sacrifices than any other type of relationships. From the fact of modifying your habits or ‘spending’ vacations to spend a few days together to reduce the time of another activity to maintain a long daily conversation. Everything is little to make physical distance more bearable. You have to be very clear that if you want your engagement to go windy, you will have to be willing to sacrifice yourself for love.

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Looking to the future

How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

A fundamental point at the same time as very dangerous is talking about the future. When you consolidate a distance relationship, obviously, there has to be a point where you can meet in the same city and even live under the same roof. It is necessary that you maintain long and important conversations. For example, about which of you two leaves his city, his family and his friends to begin a new life as a couple.


It is a very tough and very risky decision. But, if your love is true, you will come to an agreement. The employment possibilities of one or the other is an aspect to be taken into account in making the decision. And you will go forward. From there to forming a family, there is only one step. Of course, without stress. If it has to happen, it will arrive when you least expect it.

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