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Viking Bracelets | Norse / Nordic Arm Rings | Oath Ring | Wolf, Dragon, Boar, Snake, Raven, Rune, Mjolnir themes.

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Our bracelets are made from Cubic Zirconia, Leather, Wood, Stainless Steel … It depends on our model and design.

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Mens Viking Bracelet
Our products are designed in a classic and trendy style. It is not just for men. Everyone can wear it, as long as you like.

Norse Bracelet
As you know the Vikings are from today’s Nordic countries.
So this product is here. This does not mean that only the people of Northern Europe are allowed to own this bracelet.

Just you love it. Wherever you are in the world, you can order Norse Bracelet. We offer free shipping worldwide!

The color of Viking Bracelet
Usually, these bracelets are made primarily with silver, the striking color of wealth, with cool features like gray, but fun, lively and more playful.

Viking Bracelet Gold is less visible than silver. But if you like. You can search for it on our website.

Viking bracelet created by our design team. The model is unique and extremely delicate, luxurious, aristocratic but retains the antique style.

Images like wolf, dragon, boat, stone ax, shield, spear … are used and stylized on the product.

Now, find your favorite bracelet or make a gift for the people you love.

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