Viking Necklace was born from the love for Viking culture and Scandinavian history. Jewelry is a part of Viking culture, and artisans like silver blacksmiths and tanners are held in high respect. The jewels not only convey wealth and courage but also respect and animate myths and traditions. Both women and men wore jewels, and the pendant swung with adventurers and tribes remaining in their villages. Now you also have the opportunity to be a part of mythical history, with a modern twist!

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A necklace is something very special. It is wrapped around the neck and the throne is important at the front, not too far from the heart. The necklace should represent something that identifies you, or even more strongly; are you. Therefore, it is suitable to spend a lot of time to find the perfect matching jewelry you want to wear.

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500+ different pendants that you can choose for your necklace. Here you will find a variety of different materials, stones, and designs. You can narrow your options by choosing categories such as silver chains, steel chains, and other materials, necklaces made of stone or necklaces for couples.

Jewelry and especially the Celtic Necklace have become popular in recent years .. And for good reason!

We specialize in simple and stylish jewelry that will compliment your style. We have a nice selection of authentic Valknut Necklace inspired by the Norse Mythology and our ancestors, the Vikings.

Valknut necklace in steel chain

The three interlocking triangles of the jewel are called the symbols of the god Odin, as well as the knots of fallen people. Instead of a clean steel surface, the pendant brings out the personality, old vision, and roughness to the surface. Made of 316L surgical steel, it is also suitable for most allergies and is guaranteed to withstand even tougher usage.

Vegvisir necklace with leather surface and metal base. Leather as a material brings roughness and earth to jewelry, while protected steel back keeps it in place. Vegvisir is said to have helped her carrier during the storms, even if the destination was not even clear.

We think it’s great that a Slavic Necklace is not only a piece of jewelry but also has some value and history.

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